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“Tenkara”: It Can Improve Your Fly Fishing

with Pat Jaeger

7:30 p.m., Thursday, January 12th, 2017


San Marino Masonic Lodge

 3130 Huntington Drive

 San Marino, CA 91108


JaegerWe have all seen a flurry of reports and stories in recent years about a new form of fly fishing called “tenkara.” Well, it is not really new, and once people try it, almost all of them find it not only fun and enjoyable, but very effective and very useful for all fly fishing. People have learned that this ancient style of fly fishing, originated in Japan, helps us understand, and become better at, all aspects of fly fishing. Truly, when you go on the water with one of these long, light, beautifully-balanced tenkara rods, you discover new elements about the sport we love. And yes, there is no reel, but please trust us on this – this is not a problem and you will find tenkara wonderful.

 And trust our guide on this journey, Pat Jaeger, who is a definite “favorite son” of our club as well as a dedicated and trusted keeper of our home waters in the eastern Sierra.

For the last couple years, Pat has become more and more enamored with this form of fly fishing and is turning some clients and previous non-believers into believers. Would we lie? Come to this show and learn something new and exciting. Really.


And, before our formal meeting, we recommend that you try to attend a short explanation and hands-on display of some tenkara equipment that Pat will have with him so that you can actually play with it in your hands. Join us, if you can.

HotCreek Ranch Tenkara