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Just as the fish we seek are the bellwether of clean water and thriving ecosystems,

we fly fishers are the sentries for these treasured environments.

Join with us in our conservation and advocacy work to sustain our sport.

PCC Conservation Mission Statement

The Pasadena Casting Club seeks to protect, restore, and preserve the fish and habitats of the California fisheries important to the sport of fly fishing through conservation activities, including habitat restoration, environmental advocacy and education, and support of conservation organizations.

     Since its founding in 1947, one of the principal values of the Pasadena Casting Club has been conservation of the natural resources critical to our sport. Over the years the Club has initiated or participated in many conservation projects, with a special focus on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. We have always had a special relationship with the West Fork, as it is a unique local wild trout stream.

     In the years following a disastrous silt release from Cogswell Dam in 1981 which destroyed the fishery, PCC worked with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and USFS to distribute 105 tons of gravel to create spawning areas, and to replant riparian vegetation and install signage. (See photos here.) As a result the West Fork recovered and was reopened in 1985. After many months of further collaboration, the West Fork Long-Term Management Plan was developed and adopted by the relevant agencies in 1989. It provides for the management of the West Fork as a wild trout, catch-and-release stream, and contains agreements about stream flows from Cogswell Dam and appropriate silt management. At that time, Jim Edmondson was our Conservation Chair and also a representative of CalTrout. He was a key member of the group which achieved this result, and his signature is on the West Fork Long-Term Management Plan.

     It is in the spirit of such effort and accomplishment that the Pasadena Casting Club continues its pursuit of conservation goals.

To fulfill the Conservation Mission, PCC will strive to engage in the following activities:

  • Volunteer habitat work
  • Conservation education for members and the public
  • Advocacy for legislative and regulatory protections for the fish and habitats of our local, regional, and state sport fisheries
  • Financial support for conservation organizations
  • Support for California Department of Fish and Wildlife stream studies

Our areas of focus, in order of priority, are local streams, such as the West Fork of the San Gabriel River, Southern Sierra streams (Hot Creek, Owens River, Kern River), and the fisheries of CADFW’s Coastal Watershed Planning and Assessment Program.

Conservation Committee:

John Tobin, Chair

Jim Bading

Will Trefry

Steve Kuchenski
Justin Bubenik

2017 Activities

March, 2017


SGM National Monument news:

At this month’s Community Collaborative meeting, Monument Supervisor Jeffrey Vail announced that the release of the monument management plan will be delayed beyond the anticipated date of June 2, 2017.  He said that it will not be released until he is satisfied with it, and the delay may be as much as 60 to 90 days. 

At the same meeting, FRVC's Bill Reeves and John Tobin got the support of Deputy Monument Supervisor Adrienne Dunfee to pursue improved Wild Trout fishing regulation signage for the West Fork parking areas.  Dunfee will help us navigate the ANF bureaucracy.

February, 2017

PCC member and Mammoth Lakes resident and guide Chris Leonard organized the successful lower Owens cleanup again this year, held on the morning of February 11.  About 30 people participated. (Not all are pictured in the group photo below).  Participants included fly fishers, hunters, hikers, local residents, and a family from Altadena doing a school-sponsored community serviced project.  Sponsored by the California Waterfowl Association, TU, CalTrout, SWCIFF, guides, and local eastern Sierra businesses, riverside trash was collected from below Pleasant Valley reservoir all the way down to Bishop

Volunteers Lower Owens Cleanup 2017
                                                                                             Cleanup Group 2017 and Chris Leonard                                                                                                                     

January, 2017


Submitted PCC comment letter (Jan. 26) about permitting suction dredge mining on California rivers and streams to the State Water Resources Control Board. Suction Dredge Mining Comment letter

Attended State Water Resources Control Board workshop (Jan. 18) concerning potential actions to permit currently banned suction dredge mining on California streams and rivers.  PCC opposes harmful suction dredge mining.  The Water Control Board is accepting public comments until February 28.  Comments can be submitted online until Feb. 28 at Friends of the River.

2016 Activities

November, 2016

We have submitted our Comment letter about the East Fork project (Cattle Canyon Improvements Project). You can view it here.  TheSGMNM Community Collaborative comment letter and plan markup doc has been submitted to the Angeles National Forest. It can be viewed here.   PCC, TU, & FRVC participated in its development and drafting. For more info, contact John Tobin. 

Member Gary Ananian, ED of Kern RiverConservancy, joined Tom Walsh of RVC and the Trash Free Earth group in the Nov. 11 East Fork cleanup. See PCC Facebook page for more pictures.

                                                                                                 East Fork Cleanup Gary and Tom
                                    Trash Free Earth  Group                                                                                                        Gary Ananian, TFE volunteer & Tom Walsh

October, 2016

Our PCC Comment Letter on the SGM National Monument draft plan has been submitted to the Forest Service.
View it here.
The Comment period runs until Nov. 1, 2016. We have prepared some short talking points here. which you can use
in considering your comments.
The complete draft chapters of the S. G. M. National Monument Management Plan and Environmental Assessment can be read here. Submit your comments online; see the links on the Forest Service page.

Member Tom Smith helped with diploid fish stocking of Hot Creek.

September, 2016

John Tobin, Consrv. Cmt., helped with electro-fishing survey of Mammoth Creek. This picture shows a section closed with nets for the survey.

March, 2016

Participated with TU and stakeholders in Community Collaborative meeting about Monument planning. Met with ANF Environment Coordinator and ANF biologists to discuss fishery issues and Monument management planning.
See PCC April e-newslettere for details.

February, 2016

Published article about SGR tribs in the  Pasadena Star News and other LA News Group outlets.  Distributed a letter for publication, Trout Streams Left Out, encouraging people to contact the forest service expressing concern that the streams are not being explicitly included in the management plan. Aided in this effort by LA River, and the South Coast chapter of Trout Unlimited.

January, 2016

PCC and FRVC applied and were added to the S. G.Mountains Community Collaborative We will work with other stakeholders to influence the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument plan to insure that the trout streams and riparian habitat are properly included in the process.


2015 Activities

February, 2015
 Participated in Lower Owens Cleanup, organized by PCC member Chris Leonard.                                                                      

Lower Owens Cleanup 2015

March, 2015

Eastern Sierra Developed reporting forms with CDFW Wild Trout Program Wild Trout areas for members to use in recording catch for data collection.


Have you recently fished on Wild Trout Water in California or are you planning to do so in the near future?
If so, download a copy of the Angler Survey Form, complete it when you can, and follow the instructions to send it to PCC.

Download the form (landscape) and instruction here:

Angling Survey Form and Instruction

Check here for a list of Wild Trout waters:
Wild & Heritage Trout Waters

West Fork SG River Renewed advocacy effort for Wild & Scenic River designation of lower West Fork;
letters to Rep. Chu and others.

West Fork Advocates 2015 PCC Rep. Chu ltr 2015

SGM Nat. Monument Liaison with TU’s Ca. Field Coordinator about NM

management planning, and Prop 1 watershed

restoration grant proposals.

May 2, 2015
West Fork SG River Performed fish survey of wild trout-managed section with CDFW Wild Trout Program science staff.
(See the final Report here.)

June 22, 2015

SGM Nat. Monument Attended Forest Service Open House to advocate for SG tributaries. Met with new Forest Supv. Jeffrey VaiDeputy Thornton, and other managers. Submitted PCC NM Management Planning comments.Liaison with TU on SGMNM.
See TU So Cal and E. Sierra Projects

July, 2015
SGM Nat. Monument Signed TU SGM NM group letter.TU SGM Nat. Mon. Plan signed comments.

2014 Activities

West Fork San Gabriel River

West Fork San Gabriel River

     Throughout the summer of 2014 the Committee, working with other groups, campaigned to have Representative Judy Chu include Wild and Scenic River legislation in her San Gabriel River National Recreation Area bill, HR 4858. After that bill was dropped, ultimately to be replaced by the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument declaration, we continued to seek support for legislation for W & SR designation for the entire West Fork.
     During this process we developed good working relationships with key people in various organizations, including CalTrout, Friends of the River, Trout Unlimited, the Southwest Council of IFFF, Fisheries Resource Volunteer Corps, and others. We continue to meet and communicate with these groups to develop strategy to achieve the goal of greater protection for the West Fork. For more details about these issues and our efforts, see the linked documents below.


November 3, 6, 2014  

                                 Conducted habitat survey of wild trout managed section with CDFW at the West Fork, SG River.