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Founded in 1947, the Pasadena Casting Club is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedicated to the art of angling and casting, conservation, education, catch and release philosophy, and camaraderie through Club meetings, outings and events.
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Veteran Committee

PCC’s Wounded Vet’s Program, established and led by Club member Dr. Jim Graves, since 2007, recently observed its thirteenth year of providing a fly fishing education and experience to veterans of resent conflicts. 
The Wounded Vets Program is much more than a fishing trip to the mountains for the participants. It’s an opportunity for camaraderie with other vet’s and a time with counselors from the East Los Angeles Vet’s Center, living and fishing together. As pointed out in an article, “Fly Fishing and the Brain” from Harvard Medical School, Department of Neurobiology, combat veterans that participate in a fly fishing retreat had significant reductions in stress and improvements in PTSD symptoms and sleep quality. Counselors at the Vet’s Center have reported very positive results for vet’s  that have participated in our program.
During the past thirteen  years the Wounded Vet’s Program has provided a fly fishing retreat for over one hundred twenty of our combat veterans, both men and women.

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